HIDDEN PARADISE is a family run retreat centre nestled in the foothills of the Alpujarra mountain range. The invitation here is to break through dogma, hosting events containing a wealth of transformational potential, looking beyond the norms of society and embodying the essence of our true nature


Many retreats from all over the world,
with well known renowned groups..

Meditation, tantra, shamanic ceremonial work,
yoga, ecstatic dance,mindfulness all sharing a
dedication to truth as their essence.

The quality and size of the space 
Fully Supports our participants
To drop deep into the retreat
One can really let go as all your needs
Will be lovingly taken care of.

You are invited to enjoy
the photos on this website
as first impressions of Hidden Paradise.

And if you have booked a retreat,
we are looking forward to see you soon!

On our Facebook Page you find
news & more photos.

Sit back, relax
and enjoy the some
impressions of Hidden Paradise:

                                                                                 ...... YOUR WORK IS OUR SERVICE ......

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