Calendar 2024


April 25th - May 2nd Bliss Dance Retreat

May 4th - May 10th   Emergence Mens Retreat

May 12th - May 19th Sue McLennan Yoga retreat

May 23th - May 31st   Elaine Younge The Journey

June 2nd - June 15th Winter Jade week for female bodies one week for make bodies Magdelene

June 18th - June 24th Ista level one

June 26th - July 2nd Elaine The Journey

July 4th - July 9th Keith Hodge

July 11th - July 21st  Amit Camelli singing retreat

August 21st -  August 26th Yawanawa tribe traditional ceremonies

August 28th - September 2nd  Ana tantra retreat

September 7th - September 13th   Anahata Kashmiri Tantric Massage   

September 16th - September 22nd  Aaron Kleinerman Mens initiation

September 25th - October 1st  Uria Tsur voice medicine

October 4th - October 10th  Dharmaraj

October 12th - October 18th  Rebecca Yoga Retreat

October 20th - October 26th  Non duality retreat..(please write to us for details..)

October 28th -  November 2nd  Lisa Burns

November 4th - November 10th  Ista Level 1 




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