Calendar 2023

May 5th - May 11th  Dream Yoga Retreat  Andrew Holecek according to Tibetan scriptures

May 14th - May 20th   RainbowMen group

May 21st - May 26th The Shamanic Breathwork journey 

May 29th - June 4th    Emergence .. Mens retreat

July 3 - July 11 Citas Conscientes -Nivel 1 con Premamui

July 13th - July 18th  Vocal Freedom with Uria Tsur 

July 29th - August 8th  Kambo Practitioner Training

August 10th - August 16th   ISTA level one training

August 25th - August 31st  Citas conscientes -Nivel 2 con Premamui

September 3rd - September 10th  Living Tantra

September 13th - September 19th  Love Yoga

September 22nd -  30th Beyond Temple

October 2nd - October 9th  ISTA in Spanish Level one

October 12th - October 21st  Womens Retreat with Sarah Jasmine Cartsburg

October 23rd - October 29th  Samadhi journeys

October 31st - November 6th Wise Womens Ways

November 9th - November 15th - Back to the source: yoga and meditation retreat (Sunfoodyoga and Amaratva yoga





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