“ A delight to venture into the depths of retreat at this generous spot.
Thank you Julia and Rupert for your attentive service.
Your love for the place and for letting us benefit
from the natural wonder of this place….
with love Aisha Salem”

“At last i found this warm and lovely place
where i can return to with my groups”
Medicine Woman Anne


“Oh my god you guys rock
[in the most meditative way].
Thank you so much for creating such a soothing ,
calming, welcoming space..love your creativity and your songs.
Sending loads of love to you..”

Mike, Tantra teacher, U.K.

"I've been holding retreats in the US for 15 years..
Hidden Paradise has everything anyone would want for a high quality retreat:
professional dedicated service, ideal surroundings, excellent accommodations,
superb food on a mountain that overlooks the sea, perfect for igniting the flame of truth
and kindling life long friendships.

The support from the team at Hidden Paradise is exceptional
and we plan to continue to return at least twice a year."
~ Prajna  AwakeningPrajna.com


“I have been bringing groups to Hidden Paradise for silent retreats over the past two years.
The place is truly a haven of stillness, tranquility and power.
To be surrounded by the mountains is awe inspiring,
as is the love, care and beauty that Rupert, Julia
and their friendly team bring to each retreat.

The food is always wonderfully tasty, the land is inspiring,
and each building has been individually designed.

If you like heartfelt devotional music
Rupert and Julia will melt your heart every morning
with their beautiful songs. I cannot speak highly enough of this wonderful place,
it even comes with a sweet and loving dog named Buba!

Truly excellent venue in
one of the most beautiful spots in the Alpujara mountains.

it's a winner,
it's a wonderful place,
it's the best!” Paul Hurcomb

"It is clear that that the creation of Hidden Paradise
is the heartful,soulful manifestation of a deep vision,
right motivation and longing of love in these times of challenge and intensity.
Julia and Rupert are wonderful hosts and offer flexibilty,openess and genuine care
towards co-creating and offering an deeply nourishing environment that supports the birth of truth"   Annu Tara

“Dearest Rupert and Julia - your vision ,
enthusiasm  and lifestyle so wonderfully inspiring!

Filled with awe ,wonder, peace and joy
I will return back home within me.
So much love to you all”

Krisitna Durr
Yoga teacher, Sweden

“ What a wonderful place full of joy
and love and fantastic food!
What beauty! Love you all”

Lisa Cairns

“WOW - words do not describe Hidden Paradise,
Rupert Julia and everyone connected. Brilliant.
Awesome, extremely high vibration, beautiful,
heart centred, deep and profound”

Jane from One Spirit U.K.

“Dear Julia and Rupert!
May you always feel the blessings
of the wonderful work and space that provide exquisite energy.
You are divine providers of light and your light is a blessing for us all..”

Marie Manucheri Energy Intuitive U.S.A.

“My experience at Hidden Paradise has been nothing but love.
The people,the sharing, the food made with love ..
all the love in every detail of every building”

Jestine, assistant for Marie Manucheri.U.S.A..


“Thank you for everything.
A special place. A lot of love.
Real devotion. Eternal Gratiude. Love Roxy”

Roxanna Minnona, A tantric Life

“Heaven on earth…i will be back”  
Angel U.K.


“Thank you for creating
the perfect place for us
to drop and be with everything.
Endless gratitude for your kind and loving hearts”

Naseem The Heart Centre U.K.



Dear loveliest Julia and Rupert.
Thank you from all of my heart
for sharing your wonderful paradise with me.
My heart is wide open and God flows though me.
Your love and generosity have seeded within me and will be planted across my life.

Much love Rebecca.


“The name reveals the nature of the place:
It is a Hidden Paradise.

The space that Rupert and Julia offer to us and the epic natural vibes allows
one to access our own hidden paradise, Special place, yours dearly”

Nick Barrett, Tree of Life Yoga


Dear Julia and Rupert,
my stay in your place was amazing.
It was the perfect place to host a  retreat…”Shantam Nityama


“All the love to everyone that is part
of making this place and space so beautiful.
My heart is now full.I’ve never felt so noursished and nurtured
by landscape and love and food as in have here - thank for turning your vision
into reality and for your bountiful hearts. Big big love deep bow of gratitude and kisses.”

Lisa Lister, Love your lady landscape



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