2018 Retreats...

February 27th to March 8th...10 day silent retreat with Aisha Salem

March 10th to 18th..Love and Clarity..Exploring the Inside Out Understanding

March 28th to April 4th.. Lisa Cairns non duality satsang

April 8th to 14th..Awareness through Movement - a Dance & Meditation retreat. Sandra Grundstoff  

April 16th to 22nd..Vivek satsang and meditation

April 25th to May 2nd..Airetiko aerial skills retreat

May 7th to 14th..Yoga Dreams yoga retreat

May 16th to 23rd..Rebecca yoga retreat

May 25th to May 31st..Prajna medicine meditation retreat ,in The Earth Temple

May 28th to June 4rd..Sue Mclennan yoga retreat

June 6th to 12th..Keith and Kayla

June 16th to 23rd..Wild Yoga Retreats

June 26th to July 5th..Ronja Sebastian womens retreat

July 16th to 27th..Ecstatic Awakening Retreat

August 3rd to 12th..True Self Silent Retreat.. Noah

August 17th to 25th.. 10 day retreat for couples...conscious sexuality, connection and communication

August 27th to 1st September... rewilding for men

September 6th to 13th...Relational Being... Sahra Anisha and Pascal Beaumart

September 13th to 19th..Equilibrio  

September 24th to 30th ...Yoga Dreams yoga retreat

October 6th to 15th..Moving as Love.... Mateo Tabatabai

October 19th to 25th...Paul Hurcomb satsang

October 27th to November 5th..Lisa Cairns non duality satsang

November 8th to 14th..De-armouring training

November 17th to 23rd..Prajna meditation medicine retreat

      2017 Retreats…   


February 25th to March 3rd ...The Serendipity Experience 3 Principles and Yoga

March 4th to 11th... Lisa Cairns

March 20th to 27th.. Medicine Woman

April 5th to 12th.. Airetiko aerial skills camp

April 21st to 28th.. Eva-Lotta yoga ,meditation and mindfulness retreat

April 30th to 6th May.. Leticia and Quinto shamanic retreat

May 10th to 17th.. Sue Mclennan yoga retreat

May 21st to 28th.. Prajna weaving indigenous herbs and meditation retreat

July 7th to 14th ..Womens Retreat ...Embodying Wholeness

July 22nd to 30th.. Della and Michael..Diving in the Heart Satsang Retreat  [in French only]

August 1st to 12th.. Ecstatic awakening retreat

August 14th to 22nd..  Aisha Salem 8 day silent retreat

August 24th to 14th September.. Nitvana bodywork training level 1 & 2 with Shantam Nityama

September 17th to 23rd The Journey.. Enneagram Masterclass

October 5th to 11th...Heartmatters .. James Benzing and Betty Jeuris

October 14th to 21st.. Emma Brown and Sarah Odell Yoga Retreat

October 16th to 22nd ..Open Wing Shamanic Retreat  Nurture The Dream-Tantra and Being Energy Retreat

October 28th to 2nd November.. Paul Hurcomb self enquiry meditation retreat....Awaken To The Self

November 4th to 13th ..Lisa Cairns self enquiry and meditation retreat

November 17th to 23rd... Prajna Weaving Indigenous Healing with Wisdom Tradition,Potent Meditations and Deep Care

November 25th to December 1st... Catia Leite ...Ying Yang Yoga Retreat

Many retreats from all over the world,
with well known renowned groups..

Meditation, tantra, shamanic ceremonial work,
yoga, ecstatic dance,mindfulness all sharing a
Dedication to truth as their essence.

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