2020 Retreats....

March 12th to 31st...  Community Immersion Retreats

April 11th to 16th...  Love Yoga Retreat CANCELLED

April 27nd to May 4th...  Alchemy of Breath CANCELLED

May 15th to 20th...  Prajna's Silent Healing Retreat

May 23rd to 30th...  Lisa Cairns

June 2nd to 9th...  Find your inner Goddess Retreat

June 11th to 17th...  The Sacred Journey – Medicine Retreat

June 20th to 26th...  Woman who walk between the worlds – Retreat with Nicole Costerus

June 30th to July 5th...  Ecstatic Dance Gathering

July 7th to 14th...  Ecstatic Dance Temple – DJ & Facilitator Training

July 31th to August 9th... Seed of Transformation Retreat with Sasha Cobra

August 29th to September 8th... Healing Trauma: Somatic Experiencing & Medicine Retreat

September 15th to 22th...  Ultimate Goddess Retreat with Ronja Sebastian

September 28th to October 6th... The Ecstatic Awakening Retreat

October 10th to 17th...  Eco-Tantra Retreat

October 19th to 25th...  To be confirmed

November 18th to 24st...  Prajna Ginty


2019 Retreats 

March 14th to 21st..Serendipity Experience

March 23rd to 30th..Yoga Teacher Training Axelsons

April 18th to April 25th..Lisa Cairns Satsang & Meditation

April 28th to May 4th...Airetiko Aerial Camp ...&...Equilibrio Reflexology 


May 14th to 21st..James Eaten Satsang

May 23rd to 30th..Prajna Ginty

June 1st to 7th..Essence Womens Retreat

June 9 to 15th..Love yoga retreat

June 18th to 24th..Ultimate Goddess Retreat

June 27th July 7th.. STILL AVAILABLE

July 9th to 17th..Sofia Sundari Priestess Retreat

July 19th to 28th..Sasha Cobra

August 1st to 16th..Sofia Sundari Priestess Retreat

August 18th to 25th..Living Tantra Retreat

August 30th to September 10th..Ecstatic Awakening Retreat

September 13th to 20th..Sue Mclennan

September 22nd to 28th.. still available

September 30th to October 10th..The Tantric Journey

October 13th to 18th..Paul Hurcomb Silent Retreat Satsang

October 20th to 30th..still available

November 1st to 6th..Thai massage and acro yoga retreat

November 8th to 13th..still available

November 15th to 21st..Prajna Ginty 

November 24th to 30th..still available


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